About TigerPACE Communications

TigerPACE Communications

TigerPACE Communications was developed as the beginning of communications freedom. Websites for Patriots should be given preferential treatment at all times. TigerPACE Communications specializes in helping people bring their websites into the times in which we live, not yesteryear. 

Website hosting platforms are just the beginning. Many new communications features will arrive; we will keep you informed when they are available. Our customers will not have to be victims of censorship, privacy pirates, or information sales. Unlike the free or minimally charged platforms, we do not sell your information to make a profit. Your Communications are kept private!

Why we chose TigerPACE for our name

TigerPACE Communications takes a firm stand for what the name stands for – Strength and Security.  P.A.C.E. is an acronym for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency. Our military coined this to designate a type of planning that covered multiple methods to accomplish their communication task. Based on the US Army, a PACE Communications plan will designate the order in which an element will move through available communications systems to accomplish the set goal. 

A tiger is not only known for its ferocity, adaptability, and cunning but also for its temerity. The largest and strongest of all the wild cats, the tiger ranges over a wide variety of habitats adapting hunting methods for each.

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